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An older man sits on his front stoop and watches bicyclers pass by

Resident Info

There are many ways to be involved in RAGBRAI! Whether you host riders, indulge in the entertainment, or volunteer to help , we think you'll have a great experience. We're thrilled to host RAGBRAI in Tama-Toledo!

Host Sign-Up Form

Riders are looking for a place to rest their heads after the 82 mile leg from Des Moines to Tama-Toledo. Guests can stay in your home or camp outside. Sign up to host riders!

RAGBRAI Street Closures and Parking

Please click on the button below for the complete list of guidelines for street and parking adjustments that will be in place for Tama-Toledo RABGRAI on Thursday, July 27 and Friday, July 28.  Some specifics are also listed below. 

Street Closures (Toledo)

  • Ross Street from West Street to the west to all non-event traffic to B Street

  • Prospect Drive between Ross and High

No Parking Streets (Toledo)

July 27 from 8 :00 am until July 28 at 12:00 am

  • State between North West and Ann

  • North and South Broadway between West State and West Ross

  • North and South West between West State and West Ross

  • West Ross Between South Broadway and B Street

  • Carleton between Highway 63 and Ann Street

  • South Ann Between East Carleton and East State

  • Amwood Drive

  • Business 30

  • Church Street from South City limits to Carleton

  • Broadway from Business 30 to Summit

  • Summit from South Broadway to South Church

  • Main Street from West High to West Carleton

Street Closures (Tama)

  • 3rd Street (from Highway 63 to Siegel) (beginning 7am on Wednesday, July 26 through 7am on Friday morning) 

No Parking Streets (Tama)

July 27 from 8 :00 am until July 28 at 12:00 am

  • State Street from North City Limits to South City Limits

  • 13th Street from Highway 63 to Business 30

  • Business 30

  • 9th Street from Business 30 to Jackson

  • Jackson from 9th to 7th

  • 7th from Jackson to Pershing

  • Pershing from 7th to 5th

  • 5th from Pershing to Siegel

  • Siegel from 9th to 2nd

  • 2nd from Siegel to Mill

  • Mill from 2nd to McClellan

  • McClellan from Mill to City Limits

  • Washington from 13th to 9th

  • 9th from Washington to Siegel

  • South First from Highway 63 to Hall

  • Hall from 1st to 5th

  • 3rd from Siegel to Highway 63

  • McClellan from 3rd to 2nd

  • Country Club Drive


Toledo Heights Park

On Thursday, July 27, there will be NO PUBLIC PARKING at Toledo Heights Park. This includes vehicles, golf carts, and ATVs. We have limited parking for our vendors and entertainment crews and are not allowing any unauthorized vehicles into the park. 


If you are volunteering in the park, there are designated parking areas that were identified in your volunteer email.  If those lots are full, you will need to find another spot to park.  


Our recommendation is to find a way to carpool, get dropped off, ride the shuttle bus, walk, or ride your bike to the park if you can. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

Contact Us

Do you have a question that isn't answered on this website? Please reach out by emailing Tama-Toledo RAGBRAI at

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