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Bicyclers ride down a highway through the countryside

Rider Info

Welcome to Tama-Toledo! We are pleased to offer you hospitality in our unique community. Here you will find the housing application, event maps, bus routes, etc. to help make your time in Tama-Toledo great! 

Tama-Toledo Maps

We are looking forward to riders visiting our unique community! Check back later for additional maps for campsites, bus routes, entertainment, etc. 

2023 TamaToledo Town Map.jpg
2023 TamaToledo Expo Map.jpg

Map Key

Orange Line — Shuttle Bus Route 1
Light Blue Line — Shuttle Bus Route 2
Green Line — Shuttle Bus Route 3
Black — RV Check-In
Teal — Bikes In
Pink — Bikes Out

Dark Blue — Support Vehicles In

Magenta — Support Vehicles Out

Dark Red — Vendor Locations

Yellow — Charter Teams

Orange — Showers

*Note: You will be handed a map with your RV Parking Lot when you check in.

Cooling Stations

In anticipation of the weather being in the upper 90s on July 27, we have set up several cooling stations around town to help you cool down:

South Tama High School

South Tama Elementary School

Tama Civic Center 

Toledo Public Library 

And if you want to watch a movie, the Wieting Theater is open and will be nice and cool!

Water Filling Stations

There will be four (4) water filling stations: two (2) near the South Tama County Elementary School, and two (2) near the South Tama County High School (where our main entrance is). 

Welcome, Riders!

We look forward to hosting you on Thursday, July 27 in our community. We are the smallest overnight this year, but have big plans for you during your visit. The following is some basic information you may find helpful upon your arrival.


Tent Campers

  1. If you are part of a charter/team and have been placed already, there shouldn’t be anything else to prepare for, other than come ready to have a great time, support our vendors, and enjoy the festivities.

  2. If RAGBRAI is hauling your luggage/tent/etc. from town to town, please know that you will find the RAGBRAI luggage semis at the Tama-Toledo Elementary School (1611 Country Club Dr, Tama, IA) upon arrival. The Elementary Echool—along with the adjoining High School—will be our main campground this year. There should be plenty of space for all to set up camp. Along with this, will be showers available in three locations inside the High School buildings. Food will also be available in the High School that day. Be sure to support our local schools while in town!

  3. If the main Elementary/High School campgrounds fill up, please proceed one of the following nearby options in this order:

    • First – Elementary/High School grounds

    • Second – Fareway Grocery Store lawn (located just north of the Elementary/High School)

    • Third – the future location of our new Middle School (which was previously an Iowa Juvenile Home that is being remodeled)

      • There is plenty of green space at the three above listed locations to accommodate your tent/camping needs.!

RV/Camper/Support Vehicles

  1. If you are driving an RV/camper to town (AND DON’T know where your placement/host home/campground/other is located) we will have an RV/camper check-in information booth as you enter Tama, Iowa on Highway 63 South. Be sure to stop there for mapping and directions. IF you know where you are headed, please skip the RV/camper check-in area and proceed directly to your destination.

  2. RV/Campers that do not have placement, no worries. We have campground sites that will be assigned to you upon arrival at our RV/Camper information booth as you enter town on Highway 63 on the south edge of Tama, Iowa. Please watch for signage/directions to our check-in information booth that morning.


Bus Route Info for Our Community

Please note that there isn’t a bad spot in town to set up camp—because we have some very convenient bus routes/stops to pick you up for the day that will do frequent stops at different activities/vendors throughout your time here!


Again, we look forward to welcoming you Thursday, July 27 to Tama/Toledo, Iowa. “Kind people are our kind of people.” See you soon!

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